Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Neiman Photography

Last month we went and had family portraits taken at our FAVORITE photography studio, Nieman Photography (well besides my brother and sister in law photographers, the LaBarges, but they moved to California)!  We were able to pick up our proofs several weeks ago and we are having a tough time deciding which pictures to order, because as most families with young children know, it is not easy to get 2 kids under the age of 4 to smile at the same time. So this means, picking poses with faces from different pictures and HELLO Photoshop !

But now to the point I'm trying to make, Nieman Photography is having a March Family Special and they asked if they could display our family portrait in their window!  Well of course, we would be honored!  Its always exciting when you get news like this!  Christian was in their window when he was 6 months old and of course, we had to buy the picture which we absolutely LOVE!  So my guess is we will probably want to purchase this picture they put up also!  

 Very exciting if you ask me!  If you live around the Wisconsin Rapids Area, you should check them out here at    Not only are they great photographers but they are just the sweetest people ever! 

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