Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow Fun

We sure had a cold, but fun day yesterday! My sister's fiance's parents manage a cranberry marsh, so yesterday they had a fisheree on their pond!  We took the kids out there and they had a blast.

Bryan and I are not really winter loving people so the kids are lucky if they get out to play in the snow more than once in a winter!  I know its sad but we hate cold.  But Christian had so much fun with his cousin Denali!  They were loving the 4 wheeler rides and learning about tip up ice fishing! 

And Bryleigh did so well riding around in her sled!  She couldn't get enough!  After about 2 hours, we gave in and brought her up to the house so that my mom could watch her in the warm house!  If we would have let her, Bryleigh probably would have stayed outside with all of us!  

We were bummed when we had to go home to feed the kids lunch and put them down for naps but the fresh air wiped them right out and they both took almost 3 hour long naps!  We sure had fun but with the cold winds yesterday, I think we are happy for winter to be over with!  Bring on Spring :)

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