Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have been having some very stressful, exhausting days at work lately.  And it definitely shows when I get home because all I want to do is vent to Bryan about my day!  He takes it like a trooper and even gives me his undivided attention AND offers advice. I give him credit because I have really been cranky lately! 

So tonight, I got home late from work and the plan was for my mom to come over and help me make Christian's preschool snack for school tomorrow and then we were going to go to church for Ash Wednesday.  Well not more than a half hour after I got home,  Bryan surprised me with having my favorite massage therapist come to our house and give me a full body massage.  I haven't had a massage since last year and it was amazing.  And after I started stressing about how I was going to make Christian's treats, I found out that he had planned this with my mom for her to help him make the treats!  So while I had a massage,  my mom and Bryan made all of Christian's treats!  And then he kept Bryleigh home while mom, Christian, and I went to church. 

Always trying to be goofy :)
We attempted to be festive for St. Patrick's Day although I think Bryan's yellow sprinkles to signify the "pot of gold" looks more like Green Bay Packer Colors! 
 It was definitely the PERFECT end to a very stressful couple of days!  I have such a thoughtful, caring husband!  I don't know I am so blessed :)  Now I better start thinking of something really great to get him for our anniversary coming up!  Any ideas????? 

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