Friday, March 11, 2011

Playdate Fun!

 Last night, we had a great time hanging out at home!  The kids were so entertaining and Bryan and I could not stop laughing!  I have been having horrible headaches lately so I basically laid on the couch all night.  But of course, no headache could come between family fun time with the kids!

 Bryleigh's two newest games are "hide and seek"  but its more of a "if you I can't see you, then you can't see me" game.  It is the funniest.  She will cover her eyes until you say "Bryleigh"  because you think she is going to run into something and then she just giggles.  We had a blast with the game last night!

And her other newest thing is showing us her belly!  She'll lift up her shirt and play with her belly button!  Its the cutest!  

She also made my day yesterday by finally saying "mama."  Her first word at like 5 or 6 months was mama and then just like with the snap of your fingers she quit saying it.  She would only say "Dada" for the past 7 months and she finally said "mama" yesterday and it melted my heart! 

Then this morning I had to go the dentist to get 2 cavities filled :(  Not fun! I had perfect teeth until I went through 2 pregnancies and they must have zapped me of some much needed vitamins or something because this is the 2nd time in 3 years that I have had cavities.  So now my mouth is sore and I hate it!  But that didn't stop us from having  a play date with our friends Jenna and Rylan! We haven't been able to coordinate a play date in several months so it was nice to get the kids together today! 

Little Miss Rylan! 
Bryleigh girl playing in her tote!     

The girls are only 3 weeks apart and  we laugh because Rylan is much bigger than Bryleigh and Rylan used to "bully" Bryleigh but I think Bryleigh is now aware of her size and was actually "bullying"  Rylan today!  They played so well together considering Byleigh and Christian had not had naps.  Jenna is pregnant with a little boy now and it will be so fun to see how our 4 kids interact in the future!  

Now tonight we are heading over to the inlaws for movie night! One of my favorite nights of the week!  I love family time! 

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