Friday, August 28, 2015

Movin' on In

Well we have officially been in our new home for 1 week now.  We are so thankful that we were able stay at my in law's home for as long as we have, but we needed to get settled before school starts for the kids next week.  We still do not have a kitchen but we do have cabinets waiting to be installed!  Hopefully that can happen this week!  In the meantime, we have been living off of a toaster oven.  Not the healthiest food options but we are surviving!  It also makes for one great diet plan since I'm too exhausted on my late work nights to come home and wait for the toaster oven to heat up so I just go to bed.  Ha

The kids were so excited to sleep in their new rooms!

This past week was a busy one.  I started my internship at Mead Elementary School.  The staff are so welcoming and I'm looking forward to a fun filled year! So between, work, internship, school, and unpacking, it will make for a very busy year.

On another note,  Bryleigh went to a one day gymnastics camp last week. She had so much fun and learned so much from the big girls!  She was so excited to show us how she improved her back walkover that day!  She is doing so well at gymnastics and she is so proud of her own progress. She decided that she wants to stick with gymnastics this year and not continue with dance. And after seeing her skill level this past summer, I think gymnastics is officially her area of talent!  Bryleigh finished up her last gymnastics class of the summer a few weeks back. After talking with her coach, we had decided we would discuss Bryleigh's ability to be on the competition team this fall with the head coach.  After camp, I talked with the coach and program director and they both said that Bryleigh has a lot of talent and "ability" wise, she would most definitely qualify for the team. However, her age and attention level are working against her. Most kids on the team start at about 8-9 years old so being a 5 year old on the team would be difficult.  We decided that she will remain in the pre team class for this next year and then join team next summer.  This will allow her to work on her listening skills a bit more. We want her to have fun and succeed but we don't want start her at such a young age that she becomes tired of it. This also works out well for us since I would have missed all of her meets due to school. Next year I will be finished with school and ready to be a gymnastics mom!

This girl is also doing back handsprings on the trampoline at home. We definitely have to watch her carefully because she as no fear!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Just some randoms for today...

Pictures don't do justice but I have seen so many beautiful sunrise and sunsets lately...

As we get closer to move in date, I'm getting worried about how Trixie and Boo are going to do with separation. they started out hating each other but have grown to love each other so much!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy birthday baby girl!

Happy 3rd birthday to this little stinker! She keeps us all on our toes with her never ending humor and attitude of a teenager but she sure is a blessing! We love you more than you will ever know Ducati!  We celebrated by having a cupcake decorating party for the kids!

I can't believe that you were once this little!  And now you are 3!!!!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bay Beach Amusement Park

The kids and I took a trip to Green Bay today in order to meet up with my friend from school. The kids have been so patient with me while I work on house projects every day off that I have, so I decided that we needed to get away on one of the last few days off that I will have for awhile (Since I start my internship next week!)

We hadn't yet made it to Bay Beach Amusement Park this year and we usually try to go at least 1 time each summer. You can't go wrong with 25-50 cent rides! Although the weather did not seem to want to cooperate this morning, we made the trip and it turned out great! We made it for 4 hours and went on all the rides we wanted to (for only $10) and when we were on our last ride before heading out, it started to downpour.  I would say that it was a pretty successful trip if we didn't get rain until the last ride!  And it was an overcast day so it was not very busy either!

Leah and I have been going to school together for the past 4 years. We met at orientation and instantly connected since we had kids the exact same ages. Even though we could tell you so much about each other's kids, this is the first time that we have actually gotten them together. they all got along so well and had so much fun! I just wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. 

It was another fun day of making memories and new friends! 
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