Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smoothies, Shopping, and Bows

To finish off the day yesterday,  I made smoothies for all of us! Smoothies and yogurt with Granola are two of the things I have been craving lately.  So this weekend, we had both!  The kids sure enjoy the smoothies and poor Bryleigh got her first "cold headache."   Poor little thing,  she put her head down on the floor and just started screaming for about a minute. 

Christian loving his smoothie!

This was before the cold headache!

Today my mom and I decided to take a last minute shopping trip!  I never get out with just my mom.  I usually have at least 1 child in tow but Bryan offered to stay home with both of our sick kiddos while I spend the day with mom.  It was a fun day! 

We stopped at Michael's along the way and I just couldn't pass up the flower and ribbon isle.  And the flowers were 50% off so I stocked up.  I also found some ribbon on sale to match some of Bryleigh's summer outfits.  So when I got home,  I had an idea in my head and I went with it.  The end result: 

 So now Bryleigh has a cute little monkey bow to go with her monkey outfit!  And I can't wait to start on the bows for her other cute outfits.  I have many projects to accomplish in the next couple weeks.  Now if only we all start feeling better.  I think its off to the doctor once again tomorrow for the kids.  I think they should start paying us for how often we give them business :)

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