Sunday, February 13, 2011

A much needed getaway

Yesterday we hit the road and went to Appleton for the night!  Work has been very long and rough so I had the last minute idea to book a hotel and off we went!  We spend the day at the Children's Museum and the kids had a great time playing!  Grandma and cousin Denali came along and it was a relaxing, fun weekend!  We stopped and ate at Olive Garden which is one of my favorite restaurants (I can't pass up the soup,salad, and bread sticks! 

And then off to play!  Here is a little tour through our destinations of fun....


Construction Worker

Bryleigh Fun Time

 Water Fun

Doll Hospital


Getting Ready to head out

Then we headed back to the hotel and took the already exhausted children swimming!

It was a rough night last night because our little Bryleigh girl does not like to sleep anywhere but her own bed so we were up bright and early! So we headed out and did some shopping today!  I got lots accomplished. I got Christian some much needed 3T pants since he finally outgrew his 2T pants and I also got some cute dresses and tops for myself our trip to Mexico coming up soon!  Overall we had a very relaxing, fun weekend and I"m glad for once I was spontaneous! 

We are definitely exhausted tonight and are ready to hit the couch to snuggle up and watch TV before bed.  

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