Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Fun!

Lately,  we have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  I guess its just because when I get home from work, the first thing that I do is start dinner.  Unless I'm not in the mood and we have leftovers.  It has been hard lately because Bryan is strictly following his diet and so he hasn't been eating what I have been making.  If anyone has any healthy recipes that he can eat with the family and are good, let me know! So most of the pictures that I have been taking have fun in the kitchen!  Sorry for the boring scenery!

A favorite toy-cards!
My pretty girl having a melt down! 

Oh how I love them!

It sure was a long week and I'm happy its Friday but today did not start out wonderfully!  I had my semi annual teeth cleaning today and had to have my yearly x-rays and they found 4 cavities :(  I do want to point out that I had perfect teeth until I had children and since then I have cavities about 1 year after Christian was born and now about 1 year after Bryleigh was born!

I decided that we need to get out of town so I booked a hotel in Appleton and we are going to head up there and do fun stuff with the kids.  We are going to go to the Children's Museum, do some swimming, and of course go shopping!  I need to get some cute summery things for Mexico!  So hopefully we will have a relaxing weekend!

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