Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our weekend

It was a pretty laid back weekend for us!  We lounged around basically all weekend except for the trip yesterday to Best Buy for computer issues.  It seems to be weekly trip for us since buying my new laptop.  So it seems to be that our router program is causing my computer to freeze on start up. So I have given up on it and am making Bryan figure out what we are going to do.  Our router is not that old and I would to have to buy a new one now!

 But for some fun pictures, we let Christian finger paint the other day.  I hate messes but I know that I need to give in and let him get messy once in a while!  So Daddy got into it and helped! 

We also played with play dough this weekend!  Amazing, I know,  2 messy things in one weekend!  Ha Ha

We also had our friends, Wendy and Brian, stop buy with their 2 daughters, Morgan who is only 2 months younger than Christian and their newest addition, Cortlyn, who is only 2 weeks old.  Sorry, no pictures!  I was too busy loving up on sweet little Cortlyn!  Bryan says its great that I got my baby fix in for now!  Wendy if you are reading this, feel free to come over any time because my baby fix was not fulfilled yet :)

We also went to visit my grandparents today as they are going down to Texas for a couple of months!  We sure are going to miss you guys!  Love you!   Now I'm going to get in some magazine reading as both of the kids did not get very long naps today and they are already sleeping!

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