Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let there be curls...

For those of you that know me, know that my hair has always been and will always be straight as a board.  Of course, I can use moose and hair spray to ruff it up a bit to give it a slightly curly (more messy) look but I have never been able to maintain curls in my hair. Even for my best friend's wedding a few years back, I tried so hard for for the cosmetologist to curl and spray my hair to stay for the entire night but as much as she tried, by early afternoon, the majority of my curls were gone!  Well not any more...

 My mother in law decided on Friday night that she had to try pin curls in my hair.  I was completely doubtful that it would work but I decided to let her try.  I slept with the bobby pinned curls in on Friday night and on Saturday morning, I took all the bobby pins out and viola...curls!  I was a bit nervous at first because the curls were so tight that my curls came up past my chin but within an hour or so, the curls fell and it was perfect. My hair stayed like this for the entire day and I'm so excited that I finally know how to get curls once in a while! Thanks to my MIL whom had a great idea!

And on a side note,  our baby girl is still completely in love with puppies!  Our uncle had a new tiny puppy for her to play with this past weekend and she would not leave the poor puppy alone!  It just melts my heart how much she loves puppies and babies. It is well known that if you walk past Bryleigh with either a stroller or puppy, she will run up to you and ask, "Can I pet your puppy?" or "Can I pet your baby."  We are still working on asking to "see" the baby not "pet" the baby!  Ha Ha

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