Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Hot Wheels Party Boy!

Today our big 6 year old had his Hot Wheels Birthday Party!  We let Christian pick out his birthday theme and Hot Wheels it was!

  We invited all of our family over for dinner which consisted of Arby's Roast Beef Sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, watermelon, veggies, taco dip, and of course...cake and ice cream!

Christian had lots of fun playing with all of his cousins and his buddy, Carson!

Gavin and Ducati

Time for presents! Christian got lots of great gifts including legos, a baseball bat, an automatic baseball pitcher, a batman shirt,  a slip n slide, super soaker, books, a remote control car, money for his savings account, and a geode which he had lots of funny cracking open to find crystals!  He sure is one lucky little boy that so many people love him!

Cracking open his geode

Even Bryleigh got a little something

Chunky Monkey Gavin!  Love his rolls!

Make a Wish!

Grandma and Grandpa helping serve the cake and ice cream!
 Cake and ice cream time!

My in law's

Uncle Kevin and Andrea

Baby Ducati playing on the trampoline!

Playing baseball
We enjoyed the beautiful evening and Christian was so excited that he had a hard time settling down for bed.   I would say that his party was definitely a success! Everyone had fun and left with full tummies!  Our boy is another year older and we love him more and more each day!  Happy 6th birthday sweet boy!

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