Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trip to Bay Beach

We decided at the last minute to head to Green Bay yesterday to spend the day at Bay Beach Amusement Park...

 "Red" and "Green"  Grandma, Katie, and Denali were able to join us also!

There is nothing better than cheap fun for the kiddos!  You can't beat spending only $10 in tickets to enjoy all of the rides!

It ended up being a lot hotter than we had expected and Mom was not prepared with swimsuits so it was a swim in your clothes kind of day!

 And although she looks cute and innocent, this shows Bryleigh's huge attitude coming out! (She was mad because she couldn't pee in the pool! lol)

 Mom and Dad enjoyed Elvis's favorite roller coaster, the Zippin' Pippin' before heading out for the day!

Bryleigh did not nap during the day so she was exhausted when we started for home. It only took 5 minutes for her zonk out!
 And you know that its been a fun day when this little guy falls asleep in the car!

Another beautiful day comes to a close and we couldn't have had any more fun!

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