Friday, July 26, 2013


My sister and I had a girls and kids day (can't leave out Christian since he is the only boy cousin in the family!)  We picked up some last minute wedding supplies since her big day is coming up very quick and then spent the afternoon finding fun things for the kiddies to do!

My niece, Ducati, is the cutest little munchkin ever!  Her funny faces are priceless!

Christian's last day of swimming lessons was a few weeks ago.  He spent 6 weeks in swim lessons this summer and greatly improved on his skills.  Although, he did not pass into the next level this year, he did so well and we are so proud of his progress!

Christian had his first eye doctor appointment last week!  He passed with flying colors!  As we were leaving the office, Christian informed the eye doctor that the reason that he doesn't need glasses is because, "I eat my carrots, unlike my cousin Phoenix!" Our idea of trying to get Christian to eat his vegetables may have backfired a bit. (Sorry Phoneix,  we love you with glasses and we know its not because you don't eat your carrots!  lol)

Christian also had his 6 year check up last week also!  Our little boy is still just that...a tiny little boy!  He is only 37 pounds, only in the 4th percentile!  But he did grow 2.5 inches in 1 year!  He surely isn't growing much but I can't say that he isn't eating well because he has been a bottomless pit this summer!

I took Christian and Denali to the $2 summer kids series movie at the theater last week!  We decided to see Disney's Oceans.  Little did I know that it was a documentary film about Oceans. The "Disney" in front of the name sure is misleading.  I guess that is what I get for not researching the movie before taking kids to it.  I have to chalk this "fun"  little trip up to a failure since the kids were bored about 15 minutes into it.  It was interesting but not for 2 little kids who have lots of energy to burn off!

My first attempt at french braiding Bryleigh's hair!

I can't get enough of the closet full of Bryleigh's cute summer clothes!  I may have gone a tad  bit overboard on the summer clothes for Bryleigh this year considering we only have about 2.5 months to wear all these cute clothes!

Bryleigh is so cute when she is sleeping! So peaceful and innocent!

I'm also very proud of the fact that I finished my longest run as of yet the other day...4.21 miles!  I also signed up for my first 5K, the Kolor for Kids run on August 24!  I'm so excited!
This post was all over the place but we have had a lot of stuff going on that just doesn't fit into any one post!

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