Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Carnival is in Town!

It has been quite the hot and humid weekend here lately and I'm loving it. I wait all winter for days like these and while some people may complain and sit in their air conditioned homes,  we on the other hand, get out and enjoy this weather (and we still haven't turned on our air condition even though I think my hubby is ready for it to be on!)

We celebrated the first day of Summer with free Smoothie's from Tropical Smoothie in honor of National Flip Flop Day and to raise money for Camp Sunshine! We participate in this awesome event every year!  I love to show the kiddies where Mom used to work back in the high school days (Oh the good 'ole days when all I had to do was make...and drink...smoothies at work!)

After smoothies, we went down by the river to feed the ducks!  Although, there were few ducks this time around any many fearless geese.  Needless to say, we did not stay long as Bryleigh was getting scared since the geese were getting too close for her comfort!

We ended our Friday night with a movie and popcorn!  After the kiddos when to bed, Mom and Dad stayed up to watch "Side Effects."  It was an awesome movie and I suppose I was just very interested in it since I work with those with mental illness daily so I was intrigued by the story line.

This morning, like yesterday morning, was rainy until about 11am.  We were forced to find inside activities until the weather cleared up.  Bryleigh and Christian created many pieces of artwork in the past few days.  We are running out of places to keep all their masterpieces!
 Thankfully, Bryleigh took a nap this afternoon.  It is becoming more and more difficult to get our wee one to calm down for a nap, but yet she is a monster if she doesn't have one.  Yesterday was a very trying day for us with Bryleigh having many meltdowns, even going to the extent of yelling and hitting me.  I was in tears yesterday out of peer frustration at not being able to control my 3 year old.  So there was no way that we were leaving the house today until Bryleigh had a nap!

The carnival is town for our annual Cranberry Blossom Festival weekend so Christian and I decided to check it out while Bryleigh napped.

Grandma joined us and we enjoyed a delicious funnel cake!

After Bryleigh woke up from her nap, we headed back to the carnival again with the other set up Grandparents! Its nice having the carnival only blocks from our house!

We tried to make plans to go the Drive In Theater in the Dells but the weather was forecasting storms so decided to for go the movies!  But we did get a bite to eat at Kathy's Drive In!

Now I am just relaxing while the hubby is already sleeping on the couch! I would say that is a successful day!

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