Monday, June 3, 2013

Landscaping Complete

Bryan and I had great intentions of redoing our mulch every year since we completed our landscaping a few years ago but that plan failed miserably when we completely lost track of time last summer and it never got done. So this year, our mulch was looking pretty bad. Since the weather has not been cooperating lately with all the rain, today was actually one of the first nice days that we have had free time to get it done. Bless his heart, Bryan was able to get the majority of it done before I even got home from work today!

The kids were big helpers today...

Our ugly mulch before...sad, I know! 

Isn't she a little diva! 

After...much better!  (Now we just need to work on the lawn :)

Now we are being completely unhealthy and ordering in Chinese for dinner!  There was no way that either of us were going to cook after today!  One more thing checked off the summer To Do list, now we only have 3 pages left of To Do items...just kidding!

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