Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun with Friends

After a cool, breezy morning, it actually turned into a warm, sunny afternoon. I woke up early and snuck off to church before the kids woke up!  There was a bunch of rhubarb available for people to take at church this morning so I picked up a few stalks.  While the kids napped, I made a rhubarb dessert which turned out very good.

We invited our friends over for a cookout so while the guys cooked us dinner, us girls watched the kids play outside!  They made quite the fort in the jungle gym!

Playing dress up also seems to be the most fun at our house these days!

Bryleigh just loves all the attention on her so she didn't waste any time showing us all her awesome dance moves! (Don't mind Bryleigh's comment at the end of the video,  I'm not quite sure what she was getting at there! lol)

We had a fun afternoon but now it is back to reality tomorrow!

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