Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Crafty

It has been awhile since I have felt crafty. School has kept me too busy to think about making crafts.  But I am getting tired of looking at Bryleigh's same old bows all the time.  So I decided to make a few more!

I also whipped up a Tutu for my co worker's daughter's 3rd birthday. Her daughter's name is also Brylee but spelled different than my Bryleigh!

My girly girl is such a fashionista and she will now remind me daily to put a bow in her hair!  Only the best for my Bryleigh girl!

And just because we can't be cute all the time, I have to take bribery pictures that I can use later on in life!  My little girl is quite the "drooler" when she fights a nap all day long and then finally gives in!

Tonight is our last night with Homey because my parents are coming home from Florida tomorrow. We sure are going to miss him! So I'm off to get a few more doggy snuggles :)

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