Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Randoms

We had to return our Homey dog to my parents on Wednesday and we were all a little bit sad.  The kids even agreed that they miss him. I had developed a nice little walking routine with taking Homey for walks in the morning before work and also when I got home. I thought maybe I would have Bryan talked into getting a dog before the end of the week but unfortunately his answer was, "We can get a dog, if we can find one that is already trained and well behaved like Homey."  Well, so much for that idea.  Although, it doesn't compare to Homey, my parents brought us back some cute souvenirs from Disney World.

Shirts for the boys from Denali's favorite attraction, Test Track!

And a beautiful scarf from "Morocco" at Epcot for Mom and a "Minnie"  dress for a our little Minnie Mouse Lover!

We love our gifts Mom and Dad, and we are so glad that you enjoyed yourselves.  You deserved a nice getaway!

Today we are having a lazy day since it has been gloomy and raining all day. It is supposed to rain all weekend but thankfully the weather turned out beautiful and sunny for our family photo shoot yesterday evening with Nieman Photography!  We can't wait to see the pictures!

We stopped by Dairy Queen after pictures and I looked like "that Mom" who always matches the family   wardrobe! Although I do match the family on holidays, this is not a regular occurrence in our household fortunately for Bryan! Ha Ha

Bryan told me that I couldn't smile for this picture.  He said "just act normal."  

It has been a relaxing day but I have to say that I am already bored.  I'm thinking we will need to think of something to do tonight to get us out of the house!
A double rainbow that I captured earlier this week. 

 Happy 1st day of Summer!

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