Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Hate Good Bye's

This day seem to creep up on me so quick...my last day with Norwood Health Center!  While I am ready to move on and experience new and exciting challenges in a different position, it was bittersweet none the less!  I have met many great people over the past 3 years, both patients and coworkers.  I have learned so much and have noticed myself developing into a more confident social worker.

Throughout my time at Norwood Health Center I have worked on each of the units.  My first year was spent on the Subacute Rehabiliation Unit for individuals with a traumatic brain injury, my second year was spent on the skilled nursing unit for individuals with chronic mental illness, and my final year has been spent on the acute psychiatric hospital unit.  In my first year, I also assisted in the relocation process for 8 individuals upon the closing of our ICF-MR (Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded).  I have joked with the staff that my time has come to move on because I have spent a year on each the units and now I am coming up on my year mark and there are no other units to transfer to! Ha Ha

While every job has its up's and down's, I have thoroughly enjoyed the work that I do!  I will miss all of the great people I have come to know!  There will always be a special place in my heart for all of the great psychiatrists, psychologists, and co workers from Norwood!  But thank goodness for social network sites because I can still be in contact with many of them!

My last day was filled with gifts, a lunch outing, and lots of hugs and tears!

All of my gifts and cards!

My Willow Tree Angel..."Love of Learning"
And of course, the gag gift...  "Sometimes you have to leave to get aHEAD in life."  Ha Ha. And the card was complete with the usual coffee spill that my coworker, Alex, is known for!

It was a hard good bye, especially to my amazing window office.  It was very bare when I left and no longer "mine".  I'm hoping that the social worker hired to replace me has just as many fun, challenging, exciting but sometimes stressful moments in this office as I had!

But now I have another opportunity waiting for me!  Bring on this new journey!

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