Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wilderness Adventure

This week has flown right by.  Monday and Tuesday were Arctic "cold" days for the kids so they did not have school.  Wednesday I worked late. Thursday, Bryleigh had dance. And Friday, we let Christian miss a day of school so that we could take a weekend trip to Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at the Wilderness resort.  

We just got home and settled in from our weekend getaway. The kids had a blast swimming and playing.  

We did have a few bumps in the road though. Bryleigh decided it would be fun to climb up the slide in the play area (after being told not to by the staff) while Christian was coming down the slide. Christian ended up with a bloody nose and lip. He is now very swollen with a bruised nose and eye.  Then Bryleigh lost both of her earrings when swimming. Of course the resort did not sell stud earrings so we had to make a trip to Walmart. It was not very fun trying to put earrings back in the partially closed holes...who knew that the holes would start to close so fast.  Lastly, we were directly across from a "party" room who decided it would be fun to party it up and slam doors until 3am on Friday night. So Bryan decided to have a chat with them and then take a walk to calm down. On his walk, Bryan came across a gentlemen on a balcony who was thinking of suicide so Bryan stayed with him until the police arrived.  I would say that we had our fair share of trying times this weekend but we also had so much fun!

All of the fun wore the kids out!  I would say that we had a successful trip!

I"m really enjoying my homework free and mostly stress free days since being off of school.  I'm really not looking forward to starting up again in a few weeks!  I just have to think that I have 1 more semester before I can say that I am officially half way through graduate school! 

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  1. Wow that sounds like quite an adventure! Glad the mist of the chaos you still had fun.