Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bryleigh's Toy Box

A few years ago, I started searching for a wooden toy box for Bryleigh's room.  I knew that I wanted the Espresso colored toybox but was unsure of the style.  Not to mention... they are pretty expensive. So I put the idea on hold for awhile. Then, I was discussing Christmas present ideas with my in law's a few years back, I threw in this idea.  My father in law offered to make one for her and so the process began.  I showed him a few pictures of what I was looking for and he began building!

We finally brought home the finished product this past weekend and I LOVE IT!

 Obviously, Bryleigh loves it too!

It is so much bigger than I had anticipated which is perfect for all of her toys laying around!  I'm also loving that once Bryleigh no longer needs a toybox then we can use it for a storage bench. It is amazing and its even better since Grandpa made it :)

Bryleigh says "Thanks Grandpa!"

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