Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Week

It has been an extremely long and busy week to say the least!  Between Bryleigh being sick last Sunday and Monday, my 13 hour workday on Wednesday, Church Pictures on Thursday, and a paper to write in my spare time, I am exhausted even thinking about it!  But thankfully, I had Thursday off and was able to spend some time with Bryleigh and my sister and nieces while Christian was at school.  

Bryleigh had to miss school on Monday due to being sick but thankfully she was well enough to go back on Wednesday. She was so excited that it was her weekend to bring "Tigger" Home.  Tigger gets to spend the weekend with our little diva!

So far, Tigger has joined Bryleigh for Friday night pizza and a movie at Grandma and Grandpa's! Tigger even got to spend the night there with Bryleigh and Christian!

After my long day at school today, we spend the evening at my Grandma's house.  My aunt, uncle, and 4 of my 5 cousins are in town visiting from Michigan.  We don't get to see them much so when we finally get to see them, we have so much fun!
Baby Ducati is just the cutest!

We sure love spending time with Grandma! We know that the time we have with her here on Earth is limited so we are enjoying the moments that we do have together!  As much as we hate cancer, she sure is a fighter!  We love you Grandma!

Now it is off to bed for this girl!  

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