Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayers Needed

The past few days have been a blur with everything that has been going on.  My grandma has been having abnormal behaviors the past few months and we have been noticing how she has been confused more often and just acting a bit strange.  On Monday, my sister, mom, and I decided that we needed to take her to the Emergency room to find out what was going on.  She was admitted overnight and they found that she was mixing a combination of medications which was causing her behaviors.  We stopped by to visit on Tuesday night and she appeared to be doing much better as she was starting to walk around independently and hold conversations again. We received a call from Grandpa this morning that Grandma had been laying on the floor for hours and was too weak to get up. We immediately went to their house and called for a non-emergency ambulance to take her back to the ER.  Well after more tests, it was determined that she has a large cancerous mass in her brain. The tumor is located in the frontal lobes which affects behavior and memory.

We are all just in shock right now.  We could all use some prayers right now! And thanks to my hubby watching all 4 kiddos the past few days, Mom, Katie, and I have been able to be by Grandma and Grandpa in this difficult time.

 Grandma was having her MRI when I left the hospital for the night so we are hoping to have an idea of what their treatment plan will be in the morning!  In the meantime,  we will continue to pray!

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