Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sculpture Park

While Bryan was helping his Dad today, the kids and I hung out with Grandma and Katie. My foster sister, Katie, spend the night at our house last night so my in law's could have a date night. We got up this morning and decided to try out a  new church, The Light of Christ Church.  The church services are being held in a local coffee whop while the congregation is building up.  It was such an inviting atmosphere and we felt so welcome! The message was delivered by a great guest speaker and I left feeling very uplifted and inspired!  I think we plan to go back again!  

After church, we went out to lunch and visited a Sculpture Park in Sevens Point. The kids had fun looking around and we captured some great pictures!

We had a lot of fun exploring. It was much more exciting than coming home to do homework, which is what I have been doing since we got home :(  But before I continue with my homework, I just have to leave you with a few pictures from the past couple of weeks...

Technology can be a blessing or a curse sometimes!  lol...

 My lovelies before school the other day....

Coffee made, love note written, and flowers...the perfect way to wake up on my first morning of school last Saturday :)

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