Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Updates

  • Our little gymnast finished her last tiny tumbler session last week!  She was so excited that she passed into level 1!  We are so proud and happy for her.  (Although our bank account is not as excited! Ha ha)  She now has her own YMCA membership!

  •  The kids finished swimming lessons last week! Bryleigh passed into the next level and will actually be in the same level as Christian next year! Christian has made great improvements in his skills but he has a few more things to accomplish before moving on to the next level.  I keep assuring him that its not about passing the level but rather about being safe in the water! 

  •  We went strawberry picking last week too!  We ate a lot more than we picked but we still brought home enough for me to make 12 jars of freezer jam! Yumm!

  •  Our cousin, Lindsey, had her graduation party last weekend!  I cannot believe that this beautiful girl is already 18, it seems like just yesterday she was the cute little 9 year old that Bryan introduced me to.  We are going to miss our amazing babysitter!!!! She is going to do amazing at UW-Milwaukee!

  • This will be a busy week ahead with Christian's 7th birthday party and packing up for another long camping weekend! 

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