Friday, May 2, 2014


I'm thankful for so many people these days. It has been a touch year and I couldn't have done out many important people. Since next week is teacher appreciation week and my last week at my internship, I thought I would do a little something to show my appreciation for these important people.

Thank heavens for Pinterest (and for different teachers every year so I can use the same idea more than once!) This year we included in the basket: a beach towel, water bottle, manicure set, chapstick, crossword puzzle book, sunscreen, candy, and a bag of chips.

For my colleagues, I bought them each a bottle of Bath and Body works lotion for playing a "hand" in my educational growth this year!  I also will bring donuts on Tuesday too!

Its amazing to think that my 2nd year of graduate school, Christian's year in 1st grade,and Bryleigh's first year in Preschool are all coming to a close!  We are one step closer to a fun summer!
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