Saturday, May 10, 2014

No Training Wheels and Other Randoms

While Tuesday marked an end to my internship this year,  today marked the end of two of my classes!  We held a class pot luck today to celebrate the end of our 2nd year of graduate school. Now we have 2 Saturday's off to enjoy ourselves before we go back for the last 4 weeks of summer session! Then we have 2 months off!  

I arrived home just in time to enjoy playing outside with the kiddos before it got dark.  Bryleigh was ready to take off the training wheels off her bike  last summer but we decided to hold off for another summer mostly for our own benefit (she tends to take off on her bike and we can't catch her...its much easier when the training wheels slow her down!)  But she has been chomping at the bit to get outside and learn. I took her outside yesterday to begin practicing on Christian's old bike. Today, she picked up the bike and this is what I saw...

I was able to spend the day with my little love yesterday!  We had a play date at McDonald's with our friends: Jenna, Rylan, and Mason.  We also spend time playing outside!

Christian celebrated his "birthday" at school yesterday since he will not have school on his actual birthday in July. We made beach themed pudding.  I decided to get French Vanilla pudding rather than Vanilla pudding...bad idea!  Instead of pool water, we got scummy lake water!  Who know that French Vanilla pudding was yellow which does not work well with blue food coloring!  Good thing the kids didn't care :)

We had our friends, Brian, Elizabeth, Maximus, and Isabelle over for dinner last night so them men could watch the draft. The kids had a fun time playing while the adults had a fun time socializing!

 I hope all my mom friend's have a fabulous Mother's Day tomorrow! I'm so excited to spend the day with my kiddos and my mothers!!!!

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