Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Day of Love

As Valentine's Day approaches, Christian and Bryleigh have been so excited to share their Valentine's with their friend's.  Christian has to wait a few more days but Bryleigh was able to celebrate at her Valentine's Day party today. And it was extra special since Daddy was the Preschool helper!  Bryleigh said she had a great time and all of her friends enjoyed their valentines!

Speaking of love...Christian brought home this Terrific Ticket yesterday!  We are so proud of our little guy for helping the new student feel welcome!

If I don't blog before then, I hope everyone has a an amazing Valentine's Day surrounded by the ones they love! 
 photo FotoFlexer_Photo.jpg

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  1. Hope you have a blessed valentines day and get some special time with your hubby:)