Monday, January 11, 2016

1st Basketball Tournament

We decided to sign Christian up for basketball this year.  He was upset with us at first but its only because he gets anxious when trying new things.  He has enjoyed practices so far but this past Sunday was the true test.  The team had their first tournament of the season.  Although they did not win any games, it was great experience for the boys.  The coaches and the boys know what they need to work on for next week. 

We were so excited to hear the coaches say that Christian has caught on so quickly. From having never played basketball 2 months ago until now, they say he looks like a completely different kid. We were able to get a glimpse of this when Christian stole the ball from the point guard and ran down the court and attempted to score.  Although he didn't make the points, it was enough to build is self esteem!

Our #12 is so fun to watch! I sure hope he sticks with it because this is one sport that I truly understand (since I actually played this one!). I love watching the team and cheering them on!  

Go Rapids!
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