Thursday, April 17, 2014

This week's randoms

It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, we were paying outside in shorts and tshirts and this week it looks like this...

Mother nature sure doesn't know what she wants these days...this was only last week that Christian was all dressed up as a firefighter for occupation day at school! 

And just this week, I was admiring the pretty trees on the way to work. I feel like I should be getting ready to get my Christmas Tree, not ready to hide Easter eggs!

This week was the kid's spring break week and it was so nice to have 2 days off this week. On Tuesday, we took a road trip to go get our military Id's. The kids did great for having to sit in the car for quite a few hours.  After we got home, we took the kids to see Rio 2. It was a very cute movie!

Tonight, Christian is at a sleepover at his friend, Wyatt's house. He was nervous to go but when I checked on him a few hours ago, he was doing great! This marks his first friend sleepover that is not relation, and without mom and dad! Our little boy is growing up! 

It was a fun night for Bryan and I to spent with Bryleigh. We watched ET and she loved it!  After a trip to the walk in clinic this evening to find out that Bryleigh girl has a Urinary Tract Infection, she needed some extra lovin'.  Poor girl is in a lot of pain...(and this momma is feeling very guilty for getting upset that she has been constantly wetting her pants lately). But hopefully she will start feeling better seen after taking her first dose of medicine tonight. 

I have off tomorrow and will be running a few errands in preparation for Easter, heading to church to remember the real reason that we celebrate this weekend, and visiting my Grandma.  

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